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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the readers of my blog.


The New Embroidery Group

I went to see an embroidery exhibition called “Threading our way: a retrospective”. I saw a hanging in the exhibition, which included a small square that I made with the group 10 years ago! I stitched the word “peace” in Arabic. I forget about it and it was a nice memory to remember!


Last month I attended two workshops. One about creative French knitting, demonstrated by a student who is doing a Master’s degree in Design.
The second workshop was about Islamic art and simple printing.

1000 crochet squares

After making 1000 crochet squares of different colours I made this king size bed blanket from 676 squares. The remaining pieces will be used for a future project!

Ballet quilt

I made this ballet quilt for my granddaughter’s 5th birthday.


Me and another woman who comes to my workshop knitted and crochet these poppies and sent it to Swale’s Kent 10,000 Poppy Appeal 2018.

Piece for Peace

This is from my friend Janet as a contribution to my ongoing Piece for Peace project.
This second one is from my friend Joyce.
The two pieces have been added to the bigger hanging.