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Here are some pictures from a recent holiday to Vienna.

Mary Seacole

This is a statue outside St Thomas’ Hospital, London. It was put there this year. It is of Mary Seacole (1805-1881), a nurse of the Crimean War. There is also a quote: “Wherever the need arises on whatever distant shore I ask no higher or greater privilege than to minister to it.”

London Zoo

This week I went to London Zoo in Regent’s Park.


I have been trying very hard to keep my flowers blooming this summer. Looking at them makes me smile!

Gold work

I bought these two pictures of gold work in a charity shop in my area. I think they were made by the same person – one as a sample and one as a dragonfly.

In the past gold work was called ecclesiastical embroidery. Embroidery in gold is perhaps one of the oldest kinds worked in England. There are records of its being taught in the tenth century when it was much used for Church vestments.


This is a sculpture on the grounds of the Imperial War Museum.

The Arch

This statue is called The Arch by Henry Moore. It is in Kensington Gardens.


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