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Royal Albert Hall

Pictures from a walk near the Royal Albert Hall.


Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey has played a major part in the history of warfare. In the middle of the wild maze of the of rivers, streams and canals that make up the upper stretches of the Lee Valley is one of the first military factories, where gunpowder and other explosives were manufactured in secrecy for more than 300 years. The first church on this site dates to 7th century.

Crochet poncho

This is a poncho I made for my granddaughter.


This week I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Here are some pictures.

Linus quilts

I am glad I finished making this Linus quilt. The Quaggy quilting group that I am a member of donates these quilts to children in Lewisham Hospital. It’s the third time I have made a Linus quilt.


I recently went to Lisbon for a holiday. Here are some pictures.