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Pictures of Peckham.



In November 2010 I walked around Peckham and I noticed there were seven places of Christian worship and 51 hair and beauty salons.

In November 2011 I walked around again and noticed there were 49 hair dressers for Afro Caribbean women and two for others, 10 barbers (seven for Afro Caribbean men and three for others.

In November 2012 I walked around and noticed there are now 48 hair salons for Afro Caribbean women and eight for others, five unisex salons, six barbers; 32 money transfer shops, one dog grooming salon, one mosque, four churches and 4 smaller places of Christian worship.


Recently I visited two exhibitions. One is about embroidery by Gilda Brown and the other is about quilting by Vicky Glyn.

Knitted scarves

Here are some scarves I knitted.

Peckham Space

I displayed my work in Peckham Space, with other local artists. If you are in London come to Peckham and see the gallery and the area too. Below is a photo of my work and more information about the gallery can be viewed at

South London line

Today I joined a group of people to mark the end of the South London line train service between London Bridge and Victoria stations, via Peckham Rye, which started in 1867.

Weaving baskets

Here are some plastic weaving baskets which I made last year.