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Today’s post is about the items which are made in my workshops. People who made them are of different levels. It includes knitting, crochet and embroidery.


Gold work

I bought these two pictures of gold work in a charity shop in my area. I think they were made by the same person – one as a sample and one as a dragonfly.

In the past gold work was called ecclesiastical embroidery. Embroidery in gold is perhaps one of the oldest kinds worked in England. There are records of its being taught in the tenth century when it was much used for Church vestments.


Last year I went to see this Japanese embroidery called Boro. Here is some introduction about it and photos.



Pieces of Turkish crochet.

Some work done by women in a workshop that I run.


Two projects

This week I have been busy with two projects. The first is I am making a beige knitted hat and the second is an embroidery piece.


End of February

It’s the last day of February and I didn’t make any red-themed project, like I said I would in a previous post. I’m going to forward my own deadline to the end of March and I’m determined to do something! Today I put this picture of a waist coat I made a few years ago. I did tie and dye fabric and embellished it with embroidery and beads.


Peckham Platform

This is my 4th year to participate in Peckham Platform and put one piece of my work there. It is called ‘Inspiration from the Emirates’ and I used hand and machine embroidery. If you are near Peckham go and visit the exhibition, which opens on Wednesday-Friday at 11-6 and Saturday-Sunday at 10-5, until 20 December.