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I just finished making my third fingerless gloves.


Jewelled Tales of Libya

Last week I went to see an exhibition of antique Libyan jewellery. There was also vintage and recent photography by Sassi Harib.

While I was there I was surprised to see a book called “The Art of Party Crashing in Medieval Iraq”.



Tour of Canada House

Last week I had the opportunity to take a tour of Canada House. The place was so nice from the building, the marble from 1820, floor patterns, furniture and all the art collections.

Seeing white again

Following an earlier post, during the last week I saw lots more white things when I have been walking and travelling.

Bussey Building

Last week I went to an exhibition in the Bussey Building in Peckham. The exhibition was organised by a south London woman’s artist group. Here some photos of the exhibit:

But I feel so sad about this empty place for years. There is a lot of space and it seems that most of it is not used.

Seeing white

I decided to start to work with my collection of white wools and cottons to do some projects with it. I’m going to give myself three months to see if I can use 90% of these threads. I keep seeing white items around and this reminds me of the white project I am starting.

Crochet squares

Here are some crochet squares that I have made. I started in April and now have 450. I don’t know what the end result will be – I just want to make 1000 and then decide later on!