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Piece for Peace

After the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent worsening situation I decided to create a wall hanging to portray the truth and culture of Iraq. I bought fabric and cut it into squares but I was too emotionally distraught to work on it. I abandoned the idea. Then one day I mentioned to friends that I wanted to produce a hanging for peace and they welcomed the idea. I began to give people a square piece of fabric so that they could decorate it any way they want to represent peace.

Then I bought more fabric that I cut into rectangles and began to stitch my theme, based on news and poems about Iraq, and pictures, and historical facts about Iraq.

I will continue to work on these hangings until the situation in Iraq improves. Anyone is welcome to contribute to it. If you are interested please get in touch or leave a comment.


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  1. Hey Najlaa, lovely to see your work here!
    Katy x

  2. […] Piece for Peace […]

  3. […] Piece for Peace […]

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