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Small blanket

I knitted this small blanket, made of smaller squares. I added crochet flowers on top.


Inuit Wall Hangings

I went to an exhibition called “Culture on Cloth: Inuit Wall Hangings” at Canada House Gallery.


This is a multi-coloured crochet blanket which I made five years ago.


In 2011 and 2012 I received two crochet cards from my friend Katie.

This year I received this knitting teddy bear from my pen friend Elaine, which was a gift to my granddaughter.


In November 2010 I walked around Peckham and noticed there were 51 hair and beauty salons.

In November 2011 I walked around again and noticed there were 49 hair dressers for Afro Caribbean women and two for others, 10 barbers (seven for Afro Caribbean men and three for others.

In November 2012 there were 48 hair salons for Afro Caribbean women and eight for others, five unisex salons, six barbers. There were also 32 money transfer shops.

In December 2013 there were 45 hair salons for Afro Caribbean women and three for others, 14 for Afro Caribbean men and seven for others. There were also 38 money transfer shops.

Below are pictures of two sculptures in the area.

Threads from Thailand

A few years ago my son went to Thailand and brought back these threads for me. For a long time I couldn’t decide what to do with them but eventually decided to make this crochet bag.

Winter Wonderland

Last month I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for the first time.