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Small blue quilt

This quilt was made from one panel. I added the wadding and backing, then stitched by hand and machine.


Algerian handcrafts

I like Algerian handcrafts a lot and always have. When I was young I just liked the hand embroidery then after I moved to another country, I started to admire other cultures and looked at handcrafts more carefully.

The women keep traditional, hand embroidered dresses and wear it especially in celebrations and occasions, such as marriages and birthdays.

The style and design of the clothes is different in each region. One area in the East use a lot of rag rack lace and wear lots of silver jewellery. In the South they do weaving, especially rugs, which are called zarbia and made of natural wool. They also make cushions, wall hangings and sofa covers.

Because Algeria is famous for palm trees and dates, they have weaving baskets in different shapes.

Blogging anniversary

Today is my 2nd anniversary of blogging. I really enjoy it and I want to thank all the people who read my blog, like a post and/or comment. Below is a picture of my embroidery work.


These are cushions I made when I was learning to quilt.

The Mosaic Rooms

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Mosaic Rooms near Earls Court station. The first part of the exhibition was called “Thread of Light” by an Iraqi artist called Hanoos Hanoos. He was born in Iraq in 1958 where he studied at the institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad. He then moved to Madrid, Spain in 1984 and lived there.

The second part of the exhibition was about Al Mutanabbi Street, by various artists.

January flowers

In January I just saw these flowers bloom.