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I finished reading a book in Arabic by Dr. Faiza Babakhan. It is about her research on legislation law for Iraqi women . It was also a comparison of studies with other countries, especially in the Arabic countries. I hope it will be translated in English for other people to read.


Iraqi Cultural Attaché

I recently attended an Iraqi Cultural Attaché in London, which exhibited the work of six painters and some poetry readings. The painters were Ali Jabbar (he is a painter, sculptor and designer and also organised this event), Amin Shati, Abeer Al Kateeb, Sadek Toama, Emad Al Taeey, Waleed Sheet and Allaa Jomah. The poetry was in Arabic language. The poets were Adnan Al Saek, Worood Al Mosawey, Khreeb Eskander and Salm Surhan.