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Crochet shawl

A woman from my workshop showed the group a crochet shawl made by a Turkish woman. It was nice with a simple design. I borrowed it from her and I made a small sample to show other groups if they want to copy it. Here are the pictures of both.


Strawberry Tea

Yesterday I went with a quilter group to a Strawberry Tea get-together in one of the quilter’s house. We made the table cloth as a group project last year. The other quilts are part of a show and tell.

Liverpool Street

I walked around Liverpool Street Station and the surrounding area and these are some photos I took.



Bank of England

Today it was an open house to see the inside of the Bank of England, which was founded in 1694. I am glad to go despite the long queue, which was around two hours. The tour took 30 minutes and we were not allowed to take any photos inside. The photos below are from the museum after the tour.

Cats everywhere

During the last two weeks I noticed there are many cats in the area!

Morning Glory

I am so happy to see the flowering of Morning Glory on my window sill.