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Piece for Peace

I received another piece from a friend called Carol as part of my ongoing Piece for Peace project.



Piece for Peace

Today I added another piece to my ongoing project Pieces for Peace. This is made by an artist called Hassan Massoudy.

I hope to find a place to display the wall hangings again.


Quaggy quilts exhibition

This is my work from an exhibition, which took place in Catford yesterday. I put four pieces on display but the main two are from my Piece for Peace project. One is my work, which I finished on January 2015, and the other one is made up of contributions from many people (Iraqi, British and from around the world). I am still welcoming contributions (the squares are size 7” x7”).

The Festival of Quilts

I am glad to see my work at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this year. It is part of the Talking Quilts project from The Quilters’ Guild.

The Quilter magazine

I am happy to receive The Quilter magazine (issue summer 2015), which includes an article about “Talking Quilts: Saving Quilters’ Stories”. As part of the feature they mentioned my Piece for Peace project.

Another piece

This week I received another piece for my ongoing “Piece for Peace” project.

Addition to Piece for Peace

This week I received three pieces to my ongoing project, which is called ‘Piece for Peace’. One is printing, another is patchwork and the third is embroidery.