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Thanks to my children for buying for me these magazines and a book


Visiting Slough

I went sightseeing on London bus 81 from West Hounslow to Slough. In Slough the shopping centre is called Queensmere. On the high street there is a sculpture called “The Bird Tree”, created in 1999 by Guisseppe Lund. It has 250 birds on it and was designed by residents in Slough and commissioned by Slough Borough Council.

Visiting Harvey Nichols and Harrods

Here are some pictures from a visit to Harvey Nichols and Harrods in Knightsbridge, London.

A sampler quilt

This is a sampler quilt, which I finished this week. I am so glad to practise the different kinds of designs – a mix of things I know already and learn some new ones. This design was taken from a 1993 issue of Popular Patchwork magazine and was designed by Sheila Wilkinson. It was a four part feature and I had only the first part. I was able to find her contact details and she was very kind to e-mail me the remaining parts. I like this design very much, so thank you Sheila for your help!!

Visiting Whitstable

Here are some pictures I took on a visit to Whitstable.


I recently visited Ikea and saw the following items which I liked.