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Geffrye Museum

Pictures from a visit to the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton.


Lace Museum in Calais

This museum in Calais is one of two lace museums in France. It is a former 19th century lace factory dedicated to the glory of Calais lace–making heritage. It was once Calais’s most sought after product worn by royalty and used as a symbol of wealth and statue.

The amazing collection includes:
15,000 sample books
10,000 lace pieces
10,000 fashion magazines
1000s of items of tooling and industrial equipment
9 looms – five still working and used for demonstrations

When I visited there was a special exhibition to Hubert D. Givenchy.

Science Museum

I went to the Science Museum yesterday and took these photos.


Wellcome Collection

Pictures from a visit to the Wellcome Collection.

Visiting the British Museum

Here are some photos from a recent visit to the British Museum with friends. The last picture is something that surprised us – when we asked for soup it came with three tiny pieces of bread (instead of a normal-sized bread roll) but a bowl full of sugar!

Petri Museum

Pictures from a visit to Petri Museum.

National Portrait Gallery

Pictures from a visit to the National Portrait Gallery.