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First just to say Happy Mother’s Day!

I just came from nice holiday in Copenhagen, which was so relaxing. It is a quiet clean city, with very fresh air compared to London. Visiting many places there, I noticed many tapestry there.


Knitting and crochet

I tidied up one bag where I kept my old knitting pieces and I found a knitted waistcoat, which I made for my son, and a crochet dress, which I made for my daughter.

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Last Summer, I visited Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge.

Canadian Red Cross Quilts

Recently I attended a talk about Canadian Red Cross Quilts by Maxine March. She brought nine quilts to show the audience. Thousands of quilts came to Britain in World War II. They were sent over from the Canadian Red Cross Society. They gave them to families, whose homes had been destroyed by bombs, as well as members of the armed forces, hospitals and hostels. Each quilt had a small label sewn on which read “Gift of the Canadian Red Cross Society”. The women who made the quilt remain anonymous as it was forbidden for them to put their names to the quilts they make.