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1000 crochet squares

After making 1000 crochet squares of different colours I made this king size bed blanket from 676 squares. The remaining pieces will be used for a future project!



Me and another woman who comes to my workshop knitted and crochet these poppies and sent it to Swale’s Kent 10,000 Poppy Appeal 2018.

Crochet squares

Last year I made 1000 crochet squares. I have recently started to join them together and this is my progress so far.


Crochet squares

I just finished making 1000 crochet squares, which I started a year ago. The next step is to join them together – hopefully it won’t take another year!


Crochet workshops

Here are some finished crochet pieces from people who attend workshops I teach. They are different levels of work.

Crochet scarf

Here is another crochet scarf I made for my granddaughter. She asked me to make her another one and chose this pink colour.

New Crochet Scarf

Two days ago I started making a crochet scarf for my granddaughter. She likes the colour pink.