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Crochet squares

Last year I made 1000 crochet squares. I have recently started to join them together and this is my progress so far.



Crochet squares

I just finished making 1000 crochet squares, which I started a year ago. The next step is to join them together – hopefully it won’t take another year!


Crochet workshops

Here are some finished crochet pieces from people who attend workshops I teach. They are different levels of work.

Crochet scarf

Here is another crochet scarf I made for my granddaughter. She asked me to make her another one and chose this pink colour.

New Crochet Scarf

Two days ago I started making a crochet scarf for my granddaughter. She likes the colour pink.

Crochet squares

Here are some crochet squares that I have made. I started in April and now have 450. I don’t know what the end result will be – I just want to make 1000 and then decide later on!


Today’s post is about the items which are made in my workshops. People who made them are of different levels. It includes knitting, crochet and embroidery.