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Moroccan hand crafts

Here are some pictures of Moroccan hand crafts.



This hand knitted jumper was sent to me from my pen pal, who lives in Czech Republic, for my granddaughter.

Crochet blanket

I have been busy for over 2 months making this crochet blanket for my granddaughter. It was a gift for her first birthday!


I made this cushion for my son’s birthday. He is not into crafts but cycles almost everywhere!

Canada (part 3)

While we were at Sew Sisters, a woman came in to show the staff several quilts she had made. It seemed like there was something going on and Ariane told us there was a quilting exhibition that weekend and very kindly gave us all the details for it. The woman with the quilts was someone who goes to their workshops. I felt very happy that we wouldn’t miss the exhibition!

It was in Black Creek Pioneer Village. There were more than 200 quilts on display. Luckily, it was sunny, which made it much more enjoyable. There was a variety of sizes, colours and designs from individuals and groups in Toronto and the surrounding areas. I think this was the third year the exhibition took place here.