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Knitted skirt

I knitted this skirt a few years ago as a sample for a workshop I run. I gave it to my granddaughter as a present recently.



Two blankets

This is more blankets knitted by my colleague and I stitched the squares together for her. She knitted it all and arranged the colours. The big one is 54 squares and the small one is 16 squares.



My colleague, who is visually impaired, knitted a blanket. She chose the colours and the arrangement, and I stitched it for her. She was very delighted and I think she is close to finishing her next one.

A previous blanket she made can be viewed here.


Today’s post is about the items which are made in my workshops. People who made them are of different levels. It includes knitting, crochet and embroidery.


I just finished my second knitted fingerless gloves and I’m also working in the slow sewing Hexagon patchwork.



I just finished knitting fingerless gloves.



Knitting scarf

I just finished knitting this scarf. I used 200g of king cole shine threads.