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John Keats House

These pictures are from a visit to John Keats House in Hampstead Heath.



Sherlock Holmes Museum

Last week I decided to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which brought back memories of watching the TV series.



I recently went to Singapore for a holiday. It was very green and clean! Here are some pictures.


Garden centre

Pictures from a visit to a garden centre.



I visited Knole house and park in Sevenoaks, which is a National Trust site. It was very nice and easy to get to.



Here are some pictures from a recent visit to Dublin, Ireland.


Blythe House

I am glad to have the opportunity to visit the cloth worker’s centre with a quilters group. The place has more than 100.000 pieces of textile. It was nice to see some dresses and old hand quilts. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos to share publicly. Here are some photos from the outside.