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Pictures from a recent visit to Margate. While I was there I also saw a Turner contemporary exhibition called “Entangled: Threads & Making” and The Shell Grotto.

Here are some photos from a recent visit to the British Museum with friends. The last picture is something that surprised us – when we asked for soup it came with three tiny pieces of bread (instead of a normal-sized bread roll) but a bowl full of sugar!

Excel show

Yesterday I went to the stitching sewing and hobby crafts show at Excel.

Burgess Park

Pictures from a walk around Burgess Park.

Crochet workshops

Here are some finished crochet pieces from people who attend workshops I teach. They are different levels of work.

St James’ Park

Pictures from a visit to St James’ Park.

Also, I am on, if any readers are interested in following me on there.

Tower Bridge

Pictures from a visit to Tower Bridge.