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American Museum, Bath

Last week I had the chance to visit the American Museum in Bath for a second time, which contains a nice collections of old quilts. Here are some photos from the visit.




I started making this quilt over a year ago. It is finally complete! I didn’t enjoy making it, as it took too long, which took the fun out of it.

Piece for Peace

I received another piece from a friend called Carol as part of my ongoing Piece for Peace project.


Sashiko embroidery

I have started another piece of Sashiko embroidery.


Sashiko embroidery

I have finished this piece of Sashiko embroidery. I am already starting a second piece!


Sashiko embroidery

I started to make this sample of Sashiko embroidery.


I took these photos from a recent visit to the British Museum.

  • One from Iraq
  • One is a drum made from wood skin
  • Etching with grey wash by William Blake
  • Octagonal Vase from China