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craft central

Yesterday I visited the craft central show in Clerkenwell, London. It displayed the work of designers and makers of prints, ceramics, textiles, interior products, fashion and jewellery. Here are some photos from the show.


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  1. I pretty much grew up at craft fairs, so I can’t help but laugh at the price tag on the painted rock. There used to be a retired academic called tom who painted ladybirds on rocks, he used to come to get away from his awful shrew of a wife and the two of us would huddle behind his stall reading my asterix books, which were a great surprise to him because he’d never heard of them despite having taught classics at durham – they were always my books because his wife took all the money he made and he wasn’t allowed to buy anything as frivolous as a comic book, so he had to borrow from a ten year old, he was a lovely old man.

    I do rather like the blue and white pots, although I suspect they’d set my friend jim the pot on a rant. JIm makes medieval pots for museums and stuff, and he doesn’t like studio potters because he thinks theyre just a bunch of dilettantes

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