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I have tried several hand creams, body creams and conditioners and this is what I think of them:

  • Waitrose organic smoothing hand cream with organic lavender and shea butter. 7/10
  • Intensive hand cream from Next called oh my gorgeous. The cream was ok but not anything special. It was a good size to fit in handbags. 5/10
  • Razac hand and body lotion. I think this is very good for intensive hand treatment overnight. 7/10
  • Morrisons hand cream. 5/10
  • Beauty Formulas regenerating hand cream. 5/10
  • Vaseline cocoa butter cream. 5/10
  • Elemis hand and body lotion. 6/10
  • Vo5 give me moisture conditioner for dry hair. This did not help dry hair for me or my daughter at all. 3/10
  • Original Source mint and tea tree conditioner. This instantly made our scalps very cold and we had to instantly wash it off. We would never use this again!! 0/10



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