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I had a workshop in Barley Mow clinic and I saw murals about the Battle of Trafalgar. One picture was dated “Trafalgar 21st October 1805, the situation at 2.45 pm”. It had the following information: “These murals were painted by a former dentist of the St. Thomas / Guys Hospital’s Seamans dental clinic, which was based in Barley Mow Clinic until 1997. The dental clinic has a link with the first seaman’s hospital ship the “Grampus” and “Dreadnaught” which can be seen in the murals. We understand that the first ship was originally moored in Greenwich and then moved up to Waterloo.After the Seaman’s clinic moved out of Barley Mow in 1997 the dental work continued as a children’s dentist worked here until 2003. This part of Barley Mow clinic was refurbished for the use of WCC in April 2004 with the help of funding from the Waterloo Community Regeneration Trust and  Lambeth and Southwark PCTs.”


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